The Emulate3D 2018 User Group Meeting

The Emulate3D 2018 User Group Meeting (Feb 21-22) was a great opportunity to learn more about the Emulate3D product range, how it is used by a wide range of companies across the world, and what's being developed now to make your job easier. 

It featured presentations for both new and experienced users given by industry-leading companies such as Dematic, Grenzebach, Daifuku, Raymond, Haskell, and The Dennis Group. It provided valuable insight into what's coming in demonstration, simulation, and controls testing from some of the key Emulate3D architects and developers. If you wanted to discuss the real meaning of a Digital Twin in the context of manufacturing and fulfillment centers, or you needed to know more about how the Industrial Internet of Things might benefit your facility, then this was the place.  

This is another big year for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, and Emulate3D is an industry leader in the field. Attendees could check out the Meta 2, the Google Cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and Microsoft's Hololens and discuss how these emerging technologies could benefit their company. 

But don't worry if you missed it - we'll do it all again next year! 

If you just can't wait, call Tyler Phillips on 801 923 3316.

Pre-UGM Training Workshops

As in previous years, we offered a day of training to those who wished to benefit from the event by honing their technical skills in several high-value sessions run by our experienced trainers. 

We ran two levels of workshop simultaneously at the UGM on the 20th - Professional Level and Advanced Level. Professional focused on developing skills needed to create drag and drop logic within the Professional level products, as well as the use of various catalog items and modeling best practices (see below for a more comprehensive list), whereas the Advanced level was centered on using C# within the Visual Studio development environment.

Advanced Level Training Workshop, included:
- Advanced Vehicle Framework Scenarios
- Effective model debugging in Visual Studio
- Profiling techniques to optimize your model performance
- Setting up a server for inter-model communication exchange
- Best Practice for creating parametric components
- C# tips and tricks
- Open Question session

Professional Level Training Workshop, included:
- Creating Flow Control logic to move products through your model 
- Generating storage systems using the Parametric Rack System
- Using Vehicles effectively
- Sorting and Storing using OrderLists
- Modeling Best Practices
- Open Question session

Attendees can now download recordings of these sessions. 

If you'd like training at any level, from refresher to advanced, in the use of any Emulate3D products, contact us now. 

We'd like to thank the following great companies for their ongoing support at various trade shows:

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