Emulate3D Services and the Online Workshop

How Can We Help?

We want to show you what our technology can do to help your company be more competitive, more productive, and more profitable. Our solutions may be a great fit for your company, and the best way for you to decide is to know more, and here is where you'll find out how.

We support new users and prospects evaluating our technology with the same responsiveness and enthusiasm, and if you require more than standard support, then we can direct you to our trusted partners who provide consulting services.

Try Before You Buy - The Online Workshop

If you wish to test drive Emulate3D technology, the most cost-effective way to use your time is to follow the short introductory workshop course, which will enable you to understand the full potential of the products and how they relate to your requirements.

Our tried and tested approach involves getting you to use and become familiar with the software during an online course. This comprises five days of one-hour online sessions with your Emulate3D trainer to introduce you to modeling concepts and give you the means to get to grips with the opportunities this technology offers your company. This is the ideal time to discuss your objectives for the rest of the evaluation, and understand how best to achieve them. 

As an attendee you are expected to participate; you'll get homework assignments to ensure you're learning what you need to know, and your trainer will provide feedback and advice to accelerate your progress. You can contact support at any time during the workshop.

Following the first week of online sessions you'll have access to the products for a further two weeks, during which time you'll be fully supported.

Register For The Workshop

To participate in an upcoming Emulate3D Online Introductory Workshop, please click on the button to pay the $299 registration fee, or if you'd like to know more, call us now on 801 923 3316.

After The Workshop - What Next?

If you have already followed the Introductory Workshop and now want to learn more, we can guide you to relevant areas in the training sections of the online Web Store. We'll discuss your required usage of the Emulate3D technology and advise you on the best approach to take to achieve your goals. If you'd like to know more about this approach, call us now on 801 923 3316.


Should you require assistance with your first model which goes beyond support, or guidance about how to create your in-house equipment catalog, we can help.

Call us to find out more; we can also put you in touch with a growing group of experienced users who are happy to offer their services.

Call us now on 801 923 3316

Next Workshop Starts August 5th
Register Now for a Workshop $299/seat
(Current user? email us for a free seat)


- Full Emulate3D Ultimate license for 30 days
- Online Workshop is 1 hour/day for 5 days
- Live, fully-qualified trainer each day
- Miss a day? No problem - download the video
- Assessed assignments keep you on track

Control logic can be created using C#, Microsoft JScript,QuickLogic (pictured here), Ladder Logic,or Sequential Function Charts.

The wealth of ready to use catalog elements is hinted at in this view of the QuickStart catalog.

Each model element has parameters which can be manually modified or read and written to dynamically. Users can also add their own Custom Properties.

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